hexchen handmade podcast – episode 1

Hallo, willkommen zu meinem ersten Podcast – auf englisch. Shownotes findet ihr hier.

Hello, and welcome to my very first podcast- in English. Shownotes can be found here.

Contact info

hexchen on Ravelry, hexeklein on Instagram, blog can be found here at hexchen.net

There’s also a Ravelry group for this podcast: hexchen handmade podcast, or searching for said name in the groups’ tab.

Finished objects shown

made with scrap sock yarn from my stash and mom’s

2.5mm needles

made with Zauberwiese Glitter Yarn in Glitzerstein (Sparkly Stone) and Bergquell (Mountain Sprung), 400m/100g (75% merino, 20% nylon, 5% metallic)

various needle sizes from 3mm to 4mm

What I’m working on

made with Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Dégradé in colour no. 66 (berries), 400m/100g (75% wool, 25% nylon)

2.25mm needle

made with WOLLkenshaf 4-ply Merino in Grafit, 400m/100g (100% wool) and BAERENWOLLE BAERENfluff in “One of a BAER” orange-yellow, 360m/100g (100% ultrafine merino)

4mm needle

made with Malabrigo Yarn Lace in Cactus Flower, 430m/50g (100% merino)

3.75mm needle

Stash enhancements/mail day

Chitty Chatter

The Altes Land near Hamburg where a lot of fruits and vegetables are grown.

I also found some sources for allergies and apples one can probably eat: Here (in English) and here (in German), in case you are interested in this. There is even a study planed about people eating these old varieties/breeds over years and maybe desensitizing themselves against “regular” breeds.

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT A DOCTOR NOR HAVE I ANY MEDICAL BACKGROUND. THIS IS NOT A GENERAL REDOMMANDATION, JUST A REPORT ABOUT MY EXPERIENCES! Please be careful, talk to your doctor before experimenting with this and inform yourself properly. I do not take credit or  responsibility for your actions.

Additional Information

Needle Case by Frogged Designs

Project Bag by JibbyRooSews

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